"It's not because things are difficult that
we dare not venture. It's because we dare
not venture that things are difficult."
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Krishna Das and Sacinandana Swami in Berlin

As part of Krishna Das´s European Tour, he paid a visit to Berlin. Whilst in Berlin he met up with his good friend Sacinandana Swami. Sacinandana Swami and Krishna das used this opportuniy to meet, spend some quality time together and also sing kirtan with 550 people who enthusiastically participated in chanting during Krishna das´s concert in the Center of Berlin. The atmosphere was truly uplifting and divine. The concert was followed up by a workshop in the Gothic Hall in which around 150 people visited. In the time they spent together, Sacinandana Swami and Krishna das took nature walks, discussed deep spiritual topics, and planned the second Yoga is Music tour through the Balkan areas.

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