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Chanting the Holy Names

Kirtan - Binding Krishna with Iron Chains

By Sacinandana Swami

Sanatana Goswami wrote:

"Hearing about Krishna from scripture and the lips of devotees is like binding Him with thin silk. However, independent as He is, Krishna soon severs these threads and moves away. We loose Him. 

Meditating is a little bit more effective because it involves the king of the senses, the mind. So meditating is like binding the Lord with ropes, like those used to bind a cow. However, Krishna cuts these ropes also, and goes somewhere else.

The bhakti of kirtana, however, binds Krishna as if with iron chains. The effect of kirtana is that the mind can also be bound. Kirtana creates exquisite feelings and then nothing has the power to pull the mind away. Krishna stays and does His work of transformation. You thus become blissful."  

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