"There comes a time for each of us, when
everything seems shallow, except the
longing of our soul to find its own true path."
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Vyasa Puja Festival 2014

By Nitya-kisori dd

Last week, Sacinandana Swami´s disciples, friends and many other guests had an amazing opportunity to once more associate at the annual Vyasa Puja Festival celebrating Maharaja’s birthday, again held at the ISKCON’s temple in Zagreb, Croatia.

The delightful mood of Varshana sneaked into the temple-room, helped by the beautiful decoration, heartfelt kirtans and sweet sounds of parrots joyfully chirping and peacocks crying for Radha and Krishna.

From all over the world devotees came swarming in big numbers, just like bees, hunting for nectar. And the nectar was freely available for one and all at the open market of loving exchanges – exchanges with Maharaja, with other devotees and with the Holy Name.

Maharaja took the devotees on a journey of finding the hidden secrets of bhakti with his 3-part seminar, in which he shared some deep insights into what makes bhakti pure and gave valuable advice on how we can all practice it even if burdened by material desires. All of Maharaja’s lectures, kirtans and talks with devotees were infused with enlightening inspiration on how to open our hearts in a sincere attempt to come closer to Sri Sri Radha and Krishna, stressing the association of devotees as the fastest and easiest way to achieve it. No one hesitated to immediately put it into practice – what better place to do it then the sanga of enthusiastic and like-minded spiritual seekers? And it worked! Devotees testify to being touched in such an intense way that it made significant and permanent changes in their hearts and the way they see the world.

Everyone left the Festival with the same desire in their hearts – the desire to again and again keep returning to this market of loving exchanges.

Photo courtesy: Eva Huber

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