"By spiritual association, the fog covering
our consciousness disappears, and our
path becomes clearly visible in front of us."
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Serbian Summer Camp Photos

Few days ago the Serbian summer camp ended. There was a Ratha-yatra, a 12 hour kirtan, many lectures, seminars and a good number of Balkan devotees. I presented how Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu gives certain highly important teachings through His dear and confidential devotees. Lila + teaching - a very absorbing combination.

But, the key-moment for me personally was this morning during the Deity darsan when I had an intimate moment with Sri Sri Radha Kunjabihari. Over the week an almost intolerable shoulder pain had attacked me. Sometimes I felt as if a spear was stiching in my right trapez muscle (no problem - no one dies from this!). Finally - when I was faced with the choice to either not give the morning lecture or pray - I turned to the Lord: "I am sorry to bother You - but either You take care of this shoulder problem or I can´t do my service." It seemed for a moment that the Lord looked at me radiantly and intently and I had the impression He asked back: "Well, what do you want?" I took the opportunity, "Please help me do my service."

Only 30 minutes later I was completely free from all pain. What struck me in the first place was His ´radiant presence´ on the altar (I can only describe it like that) and then that He is so caring. He seemed to have waited for me... That moved me almost to tears.

I remembered the quotation:
´When a devotee with all his heart and soul serves Krishna, dresses Him in nice garments and gives Him a flower, Krishna smiles. If you can get Krishna to smile on you just once, your life´s goal is fulfilled.´ (SP lecture, 12th November 1974)

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