"Entering the kirtan is like going aboard a
boat that quickly brings us to the sacred space
of the heart and into the presence of God."
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Diaries by Sacinandana Swami

Vrindavan Diary 2014 - Part 1

By Sacinandana Swami

I am sitting here in Vrindavan and many realisations have come forth to me. The most stunning one up till now is that Krishna is really here. He is real! And He really comes to someone who calls out for Him. He comes personally. How else would you explain what happened today? It is even better to call out for Radha. After all Vrindavan is Her kingdom.

I was so tired that I almost fainted onto my bed one night ago. No strength even to brush my teeth beforehand!

It was so hot – that I was “swimming in my own perspiration” and could only lie there under the mosquito net as if in a coma. But no sleep came to me – only a mosquito, who somehow made it into the net and began to sing his raga-serenade all night long. I was too helpless to get him out or to slay him. And then the loudspeakers started to blare – right up till 2 o’clock in the morning. It is the last night of Rama katha when Rama’s victory over the ten-headed demon Ravana is recounted. I think Ravana died from noise-pollution – it was that loud.

Finally I got out of bed to have a shower at 3.55, but the water went off just when my body was fully soaped. Arghh!!! When the sun rises I am off to Delhi – I told myself. Or at least I would run away to the house of Sri Radhika and Rakesh in Vasundara. But before quitting I sincerely turned to Radharani in prayer: “Please help me.”

Then somehow I got the soap off my body, my mind calmed down and then when I sat to chant before Tulasi devi, my mind gradually became peaceful. The sweetness of Vrindavan gets to me like a wave of fresh Ganga water, and washes everything else away.

Radha seems to be ever so close in Vrindavan. She is always there the second we turn to Her. She is real! And like a strong wind, She disperses all the clouds of maya. She lives eternally in Vrindavana and makes Herself readily available to all who sincerely call out to Her.

And what I have written happens to all pilgrims in almost an identical way.

You may like to ask anyone of these surrendered souls.

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