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The Way of the Great Departure

The central theme of this book is "letting go“. Coming from a wealthy German family, the author describes his own "Way of the Great Departure". This path invites him to question the deceptive security of material values and leads him to a consequent spiritual life as a monk of an ancient Indian tradition. The book is based on a diary he wrote on a journey through the Himalayas in 1997.
At the moment the book is available only in German, but the English edition will be published soon!

Mantras - A Comprehensive Manual (with Audio CD) Marcus Schmieke & Sacinandana Swami

Mantras are words of power. Reciting them can free our consciousness from negative energies. Although mantras are known to all cultures, their recitiation was brought to full bloom in India. Marcus Schmieke, who spent a considerable amount of time in India as a monk, presents more than onehundred authentic mantras in this book and demonstrates how they can be applied. The practical knowledge he presents is underlined by stories of wisdom from Sacinandana Swami.
252 pages, hardback, availabe only in German

The Nectaren Ocean of the Holy Name

„The Nectarean Ocean of the Holy Name“ is a great guide for anyone practicing serious mantra meditation. The book focuses on perfecting the chanting of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra. It is based on the „Harinama-cintamani“ by Bhaktivinode Thakura. It gives an insight into the three different stages of chanting, obstacles lying on the path and how to overcome them, the different dimensions of the Holy Name, keys for successful chanting and a garland of 108 inspiring verses about the Holy Name from the Vedic scriptures.
309 pages, paperback, English

Nama Rahasya

This beautiful book Nama Rahasya has been written to help sincere practitioners obtain access to the world of divine mercy and to empower them to chant the Holy Name in perfection.
120 pages; hardback, English

The Gayatri Book

„The Gayatri Book“ is a comprehensive manual on and a source of inspiration for the mystery of the gayatri-mantras, their meaning and practice. A book not only for second initiated practitioners, but also for aspiring candidates as well as for inquisitive nectar seekers.
367 pages; hardback, English

Spiritual Tonic (incl. an Audio CD)

Krishna consciousness is more than a physical culture or a sociological movement; it is a culture of absorption. The entire point of Krishna consciousness is to absorb the mind. The more one knows about the personality of the Lord, the better one can absorb one’s mind in chanting His Holy Name. Reading the bhakti-rasayana verses (which are the basis of this book) is a way to increase our knowledge about Krishna, His holy abode, His associates, and His pastimes in Vrindavan. While meditating on them and simultaneously continuing to chant the Holy Name, our minds and hearts can be completely immersed in the nectarean ocean of prema-rasa.
The CD which is included in the book features Sacidevi singing the bhakti-rasayana verses in her wonderfully melodious style.
164 pages, hardback, English

The Art of Transformation

The Art of Transformation is a practical guide to the spiritual transformation of the heart, based on seminars by Sacinandana Swami. This book discusses the techniques and methods necessary to become detached from material gratification and attached to rendering devotional service to Krishna. Explore such topics as the desire to change the heart, the influence of association, and the importance of prayer and faith.
78 pages, paperback, English

Broken Names

This book tells the exciting story around the inner transformation of a young pilgrim named Vishvambhara, who, in the company of his guru and one mysterious saint, rediscovers his faith in chanting the divine names. Deeply spiritual and at the same time highly relevant for modern practitioners of bhakti.

Niranjana Swami about this book:
"I got the opportunity to sit down without distraction and to read ´Broken Names´ from cover to cover. What can I say? Simply wonderful! Extremely relevant - not only to me, but I am sure it will be to all struggling sadhakas worldwide. You´ve hit on a point that every sincere sadhaka must confront and deal with and Visvambhara personifies it perfectly. Although the whole book is relevant, the chapter ´The Living Name´ captures the essence and truly brings the reader into the realm of hope for a meeting with the ´living name´. This point of ´hope´ is something I find myself speaking about again and again to devotees. I tell them that without it, we´ll never succeed. And we have every reason in creation, and more, to have it. Thank you very much for confirming this to the Visvambhara within me. You´ve added so much more hope to that which was already there."
Srila Prabhupada
Krishna-kshetra Dasa
If Vaishnava culture is to take root in the West and carry on indefinitely, surely individual practitioners need to have a thorough understanding of their adopted tradition. The Gayatri Book aims to fill this need. Those who know Sacinandana Swami personally will recognize the imprint of his expertise and concern as a teacher. The Gayatri Book is both a practical manual and a carefully woven explication, thoughtfully structured as an unfolding, blossoming flower, revealing one after another the layers of significance to this important aspect of brahmana practice.
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