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Sacred Space - Guided Meditations

Someone once said that what’s on our outside is insignificant compared to what lies within us. Meditation is one of the pathways into the sacred space inside us.
It helps us retreat from the external world and step into the inner, where we will find an inexhaustible source of strength and inspiration.

Sacinandana Swami regularly offers meditations in his retreats and seminars. Most of them are guided meditations designed to allow participants to have a deep experience with their inner selves. This Sacred Space CD was developed from the desires of retreat participants to invite as many people as possible to have the same deep experiences.

Just as each of us has to find our own rhythm in breathing, so we each have find our own inner guidance in meditation. The meditations on this CD are therefore meant to help you get in touch with your innate ability to go within. Each meditation is preceded by a short introduction and concludes with a wisdom text from an ancient Indian scripture. “The Cathedral of Sound Meditation“ is a special mantra meditation which carries your consciousness from material to spiritual awareness. Be prepared to discover your inner world.

Sacred Longing

One of Sacinandana Swamis comments on this recording:
"These CDs are different from other recordings in that the kirtans are imbued with deep and sacred longing. We recorded them a day after Janmastami, the amazing festival of Krishna´s appearance in this world. The altar had been converted into a boat, and when the curtains opened, all who were present felt as if Radha and Krishna had come on a river of love flowing directly into our hearts. The next day we sang through the night, still carried on the wave of that inspiration. We wanted only Krishna, nothing else. Nothing in this whole wide world could match the sweetness of the Supreme, and we poured those feelings into the kirtans on these CDs.“

Divine Names

Chanting the Divine Name has been emphasized in spiritual cultures throughout the world, and we therefore find glorification of the Holy Name everywhere.
Christians rejoice, "Hallowed be Thy Name." Buddha declared, "All who sincerely call on my Name will come to me after death, and I will take them to paradise." Mohammed counseled, "Glorify the Name of your Lord, the Most High." The Sufis say, “To God belong the most beautiful Names.” The holy scriptures of India repeatedly assert, “Chant the Holy Name, chant the Holy Name, chant the Holy Name of the Lord. In this age of quarrel there is no other way, no other way, no other way to attain spiritual enlightenment.”
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