"It's not because things are difficult that
we dare not venture. It's because we dare
not venture that things are difficult."
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Sacred Space Retreat

Sacred Space Retreat

There is a space within the heart, similar to the space that surrounds us. In this internal chamber you´ll find a refreshing lake of love and a region in which the Holy Names of God are constantly vibrated. The focal point is the Supreme Lord with a charisma that pervades and enlivens everything. Whoever finds this space will be free of all illusory desires, since he has achieved the Supreme.

The goal of the retreat is to bring the participants to a level where they can experience themselves as eternal spiritual souls, and thus lose all fears and anxieties of ordinary life. We will learn many new perspectives and practical skills. When we leave the retreat, we hope to take with us these experiences and skills which will ensure that we can maintain the level we have attained.

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