Braj Care

Braj Care is a charity organization co-founded by Sacinandana Swami. Its aim is to protect and preserve the rich spiritual culture of Vrindavan (a sacred land in India and the birthplace of Krishna), as well as to facilitate visitors and pilgrims in offering seva, or selfless service.

BrajCare is involved with the following projects:

  • Free medical care and treatment to the widows and sadhus
  • Distribution of warm clothes, blankets and sleeping mats
  • Support to the free schools in Govardhan and Nandagram
  • Environmental programmes for the collection of garbage and waste around Govardhan
  • Food relief programmes
  • Cow protection programmes

The Braj Care team is motivated to develop sincere love for Vrindavan by offering selfless service and encouraging and facilitating the same in others. The team is in regular contact with residents and saints of Vrindavan who help them to direct their service where it is truly beneficial and needed. 100% of the donations are used for our various projects; organizational and marketing expenses do not affect donations raised.