Govardhan Retreat Center

The Govardhan Retreat Center is a spiritual center at the foot of the sacred Giriraja Govardhan Mountain, India. It is located in a peaceful, protected, and tranquil spot, nearby an ancient parikrama (circumambulation) path, walked by thousands of pilgrims daily for hundreds of years.

The aim of the center is to facilitate an ideal atmosphere for spiritual seekers to go deep into their practice in the association of likeminded and sincere practitioners.

  • Those who would like to attend a guided retreat can join one of a number of international retreat programs, such as the Govardhan Retreat or Holy Name Retreat.
  • Those seeking a private retreat will find a serene place suitable for private spiritual practice, contemplation, and meditation.
  • Pilgrim guides will find this to be an idyllic setting for their groups

Sacinandana Swami has been one of the main teachers at the annual Govardhan retreats since 2000. He and his friend Bhurijana Prabhu have been developing this retreat center for many years.