Pandava Sena

Pandava Sena (PS) is a project that is very dear to Sacinandana Swami. Its goal is to connect like-minded souls to the timeless philosophy of the Vedas so that that they can grow and thrive in the our ever-changing world.

Pandava Sena is a group of writers, actors, artists, cooks, speakers, and designers, and are always growing their young community of world-changers. They host university programmes, international retreats, socials, kirtans, and much more. In addition to two annual retreats, programmes include:

  • KCSoc: The KCSoc (Krishna Consciousness Society) is an award-winning society established in over 30 universities across the UK, with new chapters forming across Europe.
  • Mentorship: Pandava Sena’s mentorship system has a superb network of like-minded friends from all walks of life to help one on their spiritual journey.
  • Sacred Street Party: This project takes the magic of spiritual life to the streets of London and share it with the public.
  • Journey Within: A fortnightly house programme aimed at encouraging and deepening young peoples’ knowledge and practice of spirituality.

Sacinandana Swami has been one of the spiritual mentors of the Pandava Sena Team and Community.