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Find Your Fixed Point

We should always try to find our „fixed point“ in life – our unchanging North Star. Life is all about finding our permanent higher connection. Did you know that all the stars you see in the night change their positions except for one, the North Star?

Similarly, in a world of constant change, all the external circumstances of life change according to the fluctuating realities of this world – but do not let that affect our essence. Life should be the mindset of being fixed in your spiritual essence – regardless of whatever the great wave of life brings onto you.

Remember your fixed point: I am a blissful servant of God! Now by the mercy of my spiritual master and my Lord, I have that chance to serve again!

Our essence should always remain the same. This is the true self-value, the true self-identification. This is our fixed point. In a world of constant change, divine love is the only fixed point – and the only thing to truly hold on to.

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