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Lord Jesus and the Donkey

There was once a famous russian actor and musician called Peter Mamonov. Despite his fame he remained modest and accessible to the common people. When a journalist once asked him how he managed to keep a cool head and not become proud due to his fame, Peter answered with the following story:

When Jesus rode into Jerusalem, all the town´s people honored him by fanning him with green palm leaves and by throwing flowers from their houses. They cried „Halleluyah!“ and worshiped him with all their hearts.
Seeing all this worship, the donkey who carried Jesus felt extremely proud and started to bray: „Finally you have all recognised my true glory! I always knew that the people of Jerusalem were quite intelligent.“

On the other hand, seeing the admiration of the people, Lord Jesus thought the following: „It is not me that the people worship, but the mercy of the Lord that has been bestowed upon me and which I carry, that these people find wonderful!“

We all carry divine gifts. Every one of us has a talent bestowed upon him/her from above. The moment we discover and upack it, people will be inspired. But let us not make the mistake of the donkey and claim the glorification for ourselves when in fact it goes to the ones who gave us the gift and invested into our lives.

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