Wisdom Stories
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The Light of Life

Once there was a guru who wanted to train his two disciples by giving them a practical task, „Take 100 Rps each of you“ he said „and use it to fill up your rooms with whatever you are able to purchase. In five days´ time I will return to inspect your work.“

When he returned and visited the room of the first disciple, he saw it had been filled up with rags. That disciple had thought that by hook or by crook he had to, somehow or other, fill up the room, and since rags were the cheapest items to purchase, he had chosen them. The guru was duly shocked.

When the guru came to inspect the second room, he saw that it had been filled up – not only once, but twice and his disciple returned 80 Rps back to him and said, „Guru Maharaja, I only needed 20 Rps to fill the room twice.“

He had lit a ghee lamp in the middle of room, along with an incense stick. Light and fragrance were spreading everywhere, from top to bottom, from left to right, from the front to the rear.

The delighted guru said, „You have truly understood. Life is very much like an empty room. It should be filled with the light of knowledge and the fragrance of service, and not with the discarded filthy things of this world.“

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