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Keep Your Vision before Your Eyes

It is an open secret that those who have a vision and live it attain something wonderful, whereas those who do not have a vision, or who have lost it, encounter only obstacles or, at best, live an ordinary life. It is so important to identify an inspiring vision and then keep it before one’s eyes.

Let me illustrate this point with an eye-opening story:
In the Middle Ages, there lived a goodhearted architect who wanted to build a cathedral. He felt that there was a great need to inspire the people of his region. But he had only very limited funds at his disposal.
Once, he went to the quarry where his workers were breaking rocks out of the hillsides and hammering them into shape.

He addressed one of them:
“Excuse me, sir, what are you doing there?”
“Can’t you see” – the man answered morosely – “I am preparing stones.”
He thanked the worker and went on to the next one – who was doing the same thing. He also had a hammer and a chisel in his hands and was using them on a crude rock.
“Please, excuse me, what are you doing?”
The answer he received was so beautiful that he later drew the man into his confidence, made him his advisor and with his help completed the building in no time.
“I am building a cathedral!” the second man had said with a smile on his face.

The difference between acting with a vision and acting without one is as obvious as the difference between day and night – but my main point here is – the result is entirely different!

Important! When you set out to find your vision do not ask what the world might need. Ask what makes you come alive, then go for it. Because, what is most needed both for you and the world are people who have come alive – people who have found their dharma or their vision.
Someone who acts with a vision attracts an enormous amount of help and support. He will find that people will get behind him, but even more – the whole universe rushes forward to support a person who has a vision and keeps it in front of his eyes.

My suggestion is, to align yourself with a powerful vision. It should be something which evokes a “glowing yes” within you, something which expresses your true longing. Discuss this vision with your trusted friends and if necessary hone it a little. And then keep it in front of your eyes – always. Miracles await you!

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