“A pilgrimage is primarily an inner journey. As one overcomes the journey’s outer hurdles, one simultaneously works on overcoming one's inner obstacles.”

In each of us dwells a pilgrim

He desires to return to the spiritual center of life.

Sacinandana Swami has always been a pilgrim, it seems. For more than thirty years he has journeyed to ashrams in India and monasteries in the Himalayas. By spending his days and nights absorbed in spiritual practices of chanting, meditation, and prayer he has been rewarded with deep insight and unique experiences.

In order to share his realizations with the world, he has been writing enthralling diaries, which have inspired thousands of readers. Here, you can find Sacinandana Swami’s diaries from his many pilgrimages in the form of audio books. We hope that they will take you onto an inner journey, thus enabling you to make your own personal discoveries.


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