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“The greatest step is the one that takes you out the door.”


Inspiring Articles

A spiritualist’s life must not be skin deep;
it must be heart deep.

In his articles, Sacinandana Swami invites us to reflect upon and take inspiration for our own life’s journey.


Appearances change. Stories change.
Yet you remain the same.
Who is that you?

Sacinandana Swami’s handwritten poems are a reflection of his own devotion and search for the ultimate union with the God of love, Krishna.

Wisdom Stories

Let wisdom speak to you.
When you do so, your outer and inner chatter will stop.

 As Jorge Bucay famously said, “Children are told stories to put them to sleep;  adults, to wake them up.” Listen to the wisdom of the ancient times. Immerse yourself in it. And let your soul rise!

Wisdom Videos

When we become more attentive,
we will see that there is divine guidance in our life.

Let yourself be guided by Sacinandana Swami’s spiritual messages with these bite-sized videos. Wisdom told with wit, humor, and depth are just a mouse-click away!