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“By the light of spiritual association, our path becomes clearly visible in front of us.”


Here are the tentative dates of Sacinandana Swami´s schedule, so you can plan your participation in his programs. We update the schedule as often as possible, but there may be last-minute changes due to unforseen circumstances. We suggest that you reconfirm the dates before you depart.

March 24   |  Berlin

Gaura Purnima Celebrations

March 27- April 1   |  Goloka Dhama

Bhakti Immersion Easter Retreat

May 3-5   |  Amsterdam

Amsterdam Kirtan Mela

May 20-23  |  Simhachalam

Narasimha Caturdasi

June 14-17

WOTS Retreat

(For WOTS members only)

(Details to follow)

June 18-23 |  Serbia

Fruska Goranga Retreat

June 29-30 |  Berlin

Ratha Yatra Berlin

July 21-27 |  Switzerland

Bhakti Retreat

September 11 |  Radhadesh

Radhastami Celebrations

September 11-15 |  Radhadesh

Holy Name Immersion

October 17 – November 15

Personal Kartik Retreat

November 20-25 |  GRC Govardhan, Vrindavan

Holy Name Retreat

November 29 – December 6 |  GRC Govardhan, Vrindavan

Govardhan Retreat