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We are always a part of Krishna for we are souls, and the soul is part of God. The real need of the soul is always to find that one relationship.


In Divine Company

The Right Tuning

Practical Absorption

The One Relationship

The Lord‘s Appearance in 3 Ways

Whose Japa Does Krishna Hear?

Please, Give Me Taste

The Genuine Call

Who Are You Really?

Become Real

Let the Mantra do Everything!

Krishna cares for each chanter

Chanting Makes One Real

Authentic Chanting

Please, Maintain My Japa!

Obtaining Faith!

Astonishing Potencies

Getting Off the Treadmill

The Two Keys to Perfection

Keep the Sound Inside the Heart

The Intention to Worship

Let go and let Krishna!

The Neutral Observer

Keeping Your Aspiration in Mind

Anchoring & Changing the Heart

Increase Your Attachment

Conquering Obstacles

Bring it Back

Where is Your Urgency?

Srila Prabhupada’s Guidelines