Nama Rahasya eBook (PDF & MOBI)

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This beautiful book Nama Rahasya has been written to help sincere practitioners obtain access to the world of divine mercy and to empower them to chant the holy name in perfection.


The Confidential Secrets of Chanting the Holy Name in Perfection

From the preface by Sacinandana Swami:
While recovering high in the mountains of Bosnia from a traumatic surgery, I read Sri Caitanya Siksamrta by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura. There, in the sixth chapter, which he poetically calls the “sixth rainfall”, the Thakura explains in a little more than thirty pages the complete secret of chanting the holy name. As I read on and on, I felt his presence in my heart and was reminded of those few precious moments that every chanter knows – those moments when from the depths of the soul a little spiritual insight bursts forth and prevades one’s entire being. After such moments we scratch our head and ask, “What was that?” Searching the universe of our experience we find nothing with which to compare it. At that time we feel, “Oh, if I could just experience more of the holy name’s mercy my life would be perfect and I would need nothing else.”