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catch the glance of nitai candra

Catch the Glance of Nitai Candra

When Lord Nityananda gazes upon us,
the chains of suffering that bind our hearts
are swiftly undone,
liberating us from the shackles
of endless pain and sorrow.

Nitai’s eyes, like the crimson dawn,
never remain dry.
Flowing like the sacred Ganges,
cooling tears of compassion cascade from his gaze
as he fervently chants,
“Gaura! Gaura! Please save them!”

Clad in the garb of an avadhuta,
he laughs like a jubilant child,
then he dances to a music only he can hear,
and then he weeps, “O Krishna, where are You?”

Wandering about,
he bestows the Lord’s love-infused names
upon the destitute souls of this world,
enriching them with the treasure of devotion.

Oh, Nitai Chandra,
please cast your merciful glance upon me,
for I am helpless, having realized that alone
I can’t make it.

– Sacinandana Swami, Nityananda Trayodashi 2024