Broken Names

A Story of Transformation

This book tells the exciting story around the inner transformation of a young pilgrim named Vishvambhara, who, in the company of his guru and one mysterious saint, rediscovers his faith in chanting the divine names. Deeply spiritual and at the same time highly relevant for modern practitioners of bhakti.


Voices on this book:
“I got the opportunity to sit down without distraction and to read ‘Broken Names‘ from cover to cover. What can I say? Simply wonderful! Extremely relevant – not only to me, but I am sure it will be to all struggling sadhakas worldwide. You’ve hit on a point that every sincere sadhaka must confront and deal with and Visvambhara personifies it perfectly. Although the whole book is relevant, the chapter ‘The Living Name’ captures the essence and truly brings the reader into the realm of hope for a meeting with the ‘living name’. This point of ‘hope’ is something I find myself speaking about again and again to devotees. I tell them that without it, we’ll never succeed. And we have every reason in creation, and more, to have it. Thank you very much for confirming this to the Visvambhara within me. You’ve added so much more hope to that which was already there.” – Niranjana Swami

Today I finally read Broken Names, at one stretch. I found it very relevant, absorbing, and enlightening. I pray that I can put into practice the many good instructions in the book, aided by the association of likeminded devotees and the dhama.” – Giriraja Swami

Yesterday I read Broken Names. I want to thank you for that composition, a gift to the Vaisnava community including myself. In a very captivating narrative you have passed on wonderful capsules of advice on how we struggling sadhakas can raise the quality of our chanting of the all so sweet names of the Divine Couple. I found your teachings illuminating and shall apply them in my own practices.” – Sivarama Swami