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Wisdom Stories
Zacken dunkelgrau5

Go on Without Fear

Two years back I climbed a high cliff in Australia. The wind was blowing so strongly that I had to hold tight onto an old iron railing. The ocean thundered on the black rocks right under where I was standing. It was fascinating to watch how wave after wave crashed onto the cliff face. Although I was high above the ocean, the salt water fell often in a heavy spray over me. But I did not care. The elements roared, and the seagulls, who were enjoying the gale, became inspired to fly in acrobatic ways around me.

As for me, I was singing wild melodies, joining in with nature´s orchestra in glorification of my Lord. It was a magical moment as it reminded me of my happy childhood when I was growing up on an island in the Baltic Sea.

It was always my desire to write about that moment but I did not have the right words to share what I felt. Only a week ago a friend sent me a little story about an “enlightened wave”. Through that story, I became inspired to share my Australian experience with you.

Here is what I felt at that magical moment:

Once there was a little wave
Dressed by the sun in joyful glitter

As she gleefully danced on and on
She suddenly saw a frightening scene:
A storm starting to brew up
And wave after wave came crashing upon the rocky cliff face ahead.

At first they seemed to try to jump high to escape
But then they inevitably and helplessly
Turned into white foam, withering away in pain.

Should she attempt to turn around
And flee out into the open sea?

Suddenly the entire ocean, once so friendly
Appeared to have conspired against her
And violently pushed her into the white chaos.

She cried for help like she had never cried before
Until another larger wave rolled by:
“What’s wrong, sister wave?” she called out.

“Look ahead, we are doomed to die
Just like the humans who have been shipwrecked.”

“You are wrong” smiled the taller wave.
“Don’t you see – you are not a wave
But always and forever a part of the ocean!”

And then the small wave became thoughtful:
Everyone, waves and humans alike will never die
But remain part of the One who never changes
Although their forms will be replaced many times.

Therefore go on without fear!

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